January 7, 2022

How Engaging with a Top Cyber Executive Headhunter Will Benefit Your Business

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In our current hyper charged economic climate, finding top cybersecurity executive leaders is becoming ever more challenging. As a result, companies in all sectors are often eliciting the services of experienced cyber executive headhunters to help build and enhance their leadership teams.

Top cyber executive headhunters like Slone Partners Cybersecurity work to fill a range of executive positions for companies in all sectors – ranging from energy to healthcare to transportation. Their recruiting teams conduct complex market research, attract and evaluate candidates, and build robust and diverse candidate pools for their client partners with the goal of making the process smooth, organized, and efficient so that the clients can focus on their important business operations. With more than 75 years of leadership recruitment experience among its founders, Slone Partners Cybersecurity excels at building leadership teams for family office investors, startups, venture capital, and private equity.

The Cybersecurity Talent Landscape

According to the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the talent gap for cybersecurity executives continues to increase. In fact, the 2021 cybersecurity workforce study report by the (ISC)² estimates the global cybersecurity talent shortage to be upwards of four million people and therefore, salaries for the most talented cybersecurity leaders continues to escalate.

As a result, players in various industries, including healthcare, biotech, data analytics, energy, transportation, and even government find themselves in intense competition to identify and hire talented cybersecurity leaders to protect their systems, people, and customers against malicious cyber threats - and the pandemic has made it even worse.

According to a 2021 ISACA survey of cybersecurity professionals, 61 percent indicated that their cybersecurity teams are understaffed and 55 percent reported that their organization had unfilled cybersecurity positions. The talent shortage comes at a time when the number and severity of cyber-attacks is on the rise. CNN reported that just days after the Colonial Pipeline attack, other companies, including McDonald’s, Peloton, Electronic Arts,  Volkswagen, and Audi, were also targeted. Where does this leave small and mid-size enterprises (SMEs)? At a vulnerable hotspot!

With remote work expected to remain an integral part of the post-pandemic era, the risk of cyber-attacks remains high. Therefore, almost every company must step up its cyber defense with a priority on procuring the most talented cyber leaders available. A report by CNBC found that 57% of tech companies are highly concerned about finding qualified talent to fill cyber executive positions. Additionally, according to Forbes, many companies plan to increase their cybersecurity budgets and hire additional full-time cyber staff. This is where an experienced cyber executive headhunter comes in. Firms like Slone Partners Cybersecurity bring expansive networks and resources to the table, resulting in efficient and successful leadership searches.

Top 4 Benefits of Working with a Top Cyber Executive Headhunter

Below are reasons why working with a top cyber executive headhunter is a smart decision for companies that are committed to protecting their systems, data, people, and customers.

Find the Right Candidate

The best cyber executive headhunters have many years of experience finding, recruiting, and securing talented top executives for companies in all sectors. They have a deep understanding of the cybersecurity industry and the necessary qualifications for top cybersecurity leadership roles. They also understand the

Cyber executive headhunters don’t base their search on candidates’ experience alone. They know that many non-traditional paths can lead to a successful cybersecurity executive career. The most adept cyber executive headhunters are consistently sourcing executives in other industries whose skills are transferrable to cybersecurity leadership roles. Thinking outside the box is foundational to identifying suitable candidates in this environment.

Bring In Competitive Talent

It is no secret that cybersecurity leaders are in high demand due to a severe talent shortage in the marketplace. That being the case, the most talented cyber leaders can command higher salaries and promotions within their current companies, reducing their incentive to look elsewhere.

Despite this, a recent report finds that the cybersecurity profession remains systematically undervalued, and that “not offering competitive compensation is the top factor (38%) contributing to the organizations’ cyber skills shortage.” Savvy and experienced cyber executive headhunters such as Slone Partners Cybersecurity understand this phenomenon and work closely with their client partners to build compensation packages that will appeal to the most talented and coveted cybersecurity leaders.

They also understand how to connect with passive candidates even who are not actively pursuing new opportunities. Many established cybersecurity executives are quite comfortable in their current roles but might consider the merits of a potentially exciting new opportunity if it were presented to them. Successful cyber executive headhunters know how to build and maintain the important networks and relationships necessary to attract passive candidates.

Bring More Diversity to Your Talent Search

Part of the challenge for enterprises trying to fill cybersecurity leadership positions is engaging executive recruiters committed to building diverse candidate pools. The most successful cyber executive headhunters leverage their well-established relationships to ensure that candidates will be sourced from both inside and outside traditional geographic boundaries and network silos. This will result in a robust and diverse candidate pool, providing clients with an rich array of choices and helping to narrow the cybersecurity talent gap.

Diverse executives bring new and fresh ideas to the table, which are necessary to mitigate complex challenges, as well as develop unique technologies, processes, and systems that help prevent or anticipate cyber-attacks before they happen.

Access Better Networks

Developing and maintaining professional relationships and tapping myriad professional networks are more important than ever for successful cyber executive headhunters. The most successful cyber executive headhunters are pro-active, detail-oriented, and eager to expand their professional networks to find candidates who might otherwise fall beneath the radar screen. By engaging with a leading cyber executive headhunter, your business will be in good hands every step of the search process.

Many industries, including healthcare, data analytics, energy, technology, transportation, agriculture, and others, require talented cybersecurity experts now more than ever. With the competition for top talent so intense, there is no reason to conduct complex and time-consuming talent searches completely in-house. Slone Partners Cybersecurity has the people and resources in place to develop the strategy, build the candidate pools, and manage the entire recruiting process until your new executive is in place and properly onboarded. Contact us today to learn more about us and our unique service line.

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