November 18, 2021

How Healthcare Cybersecurity Recruiters Can Secure the Leaders Your Company Needs

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The market for cybersecurity leaders has never been hotter. Healthcare companies and businesses in other sectors face a growing number of online threats ranging from ransomware to phishing attacks, exposing systems, data, and employees to tremendous risk. The challenge lies in finding and securing talented cyber leaders in a hyper competitive marketplace. Slone Partners Cybersecurity's healthcare cybersecurity recruiters connect businesses with the most qualified cybersecurity specialists, build diverse and robust candidate pools, and manage the process from beginning to end.

Finding the Right Leaders is not a DIY Endeavor

There is a misconception that healthcare businesses and companies in other sectors have the resources in place to successfully connect with cybersecurity talent on their own, despite the serious cybersecurity talent shortage. In reality, healthcare cybersecurity recruiters are essential to surmounting this hurdle. Organizations that wish to mitigate cyber risks while maximizing business operations need to engage with a team of proven healthcare cybersecurity recruiters who embrace the challenge of finding the talented cyber leaders your company needs now while you and your team focus on the important task of running your business.

Our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters are experienced professionals with the existing relationships and support systems in place to move quickly on your cyber leadership search. They understand the negative impact that the current labor shortage has on small businesses, and are well resourced to set the strategy and manage the recruitment process from the start.

Recognize the Cybersecurity Talent Shortage

The importance of maintaining a strong cybersecurity defense for businesses in the healthcare space and other sectors increases with each passing day. With more and more cloud-based data systems, valuable company data and patient data are potential targets for cybercriminals looking to make a quick buck and disrupt your business operations. Rather than expending your limited time and resources attempting to build out your cyber leadership team in a job-seekers’ market, you can count on our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters to do the heavy lifting for you.

The challenge of recruiting talented cybersecurity professionals is compounded by the fact there are more cybersecurity job openings than qualified individuals to fill them. One study indicates that the cybersecurity workforce will need to grow by 65 percent to protect critical assets, so hiring an individual with an IT certificate alone will often not suffice. Your business needs a proven digital security professional with knowledge, expertise, and a track record of success. Also, the recruiting process must be agile, expedient, and innovative to overcome the cybersecurity talent shortage; candidates will often emerge from outside traditional silos and geographic locations. As one expert writes, “most of the world’s technical talent today resides outside the country. Once the pandemic spread abates, national legislation enabling cyber-talented candidates to immigrate here could be a timely catalyst. But even without legislation, today’s collaborative technologies enable people to work remotely in ways that were unprecedented even a decade ago.”

Our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters are extremely adroit at finding and connecting you with the best available candidates – both active and passive. From there, we work closely with our client partners through the initial screening, interviewing, and selection process, ensuring that at the end of the process we have secured the most talented cybersecurity specialists who align with the needs and culture of healthcare companies and other businesses spanning a wide array of sectors.

Tap Into the Power of an Established Network

Success in hiring, onboarding, and talent retention is largely the result of relationships. Particularly in this extremely competitive cybersecurity recruiting environment, the relationships between healthcare cybersecurity recruiters, cybersecurity professionals, and our client partners form the foundation for a successful cyber leadership search. Our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters are in your corner from start to finish.

During your initial meetings with our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters, you will work with them to outline the specifications and qualifications of your cybersecurity leadership position(s). From there, we leverage our extensive networks of industry contacts to jumpstart the search. Our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters have established relationships with industry talent and professional organizations that can help bridge the divide between qualified candidates and companies that need them. Our established networks provide us with the added edge to effectively find, recruit, secure, and retain the most talented cybersecurity professionals in the market.

The importance of building diverse and robust candidate pools cannot be stressed enough. Our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters take pride in customizing the recruiting process to match the client partners’ needs and expectations with the goal of maximizing the client’s options and minimizing the time between initial advertising and hiring. The overarching aim of our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters is to connect healthcare businesses and companies in other sectors with high-performing cybersecurity leaders with the skills, knowledge, and experience necessary to build and manage the cyber teams that are essential for protecting organizations from cyber criminals.

Directly Access the Entirety of the Talent Pool

Our experienced healthcare cybersecurity recruiters understand the value of building candidate pools with a rich array of qualified individuals who bring a variety of qualifications to the table. We design the search as wide or narrow as the client partner prefers. We have the connections and the capacity to move quickly to identify and secure the best candidates who will be a great match for the company and for the company culture.

There is a hyper competitive race to find and secure the best talent in the market before it is too late. Skip ahead of the competition by letting our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters at Slone Partners Cybersecurity spearhead your cybersecurity leadership talent search. Because the balance of power has shifted in favor of jobseekers, you need the best healthcare cybersecurity recruiters to help find the best candidates as quickly as possible so that you can fill your cybersecurity leadership positions before the competition plucks the top candidates off the market.

Slone Partners Cybersecurity Helps Businesses Find and Retain Talent

Slone Partners Cybersecurity and its team of healthcare cybersecurity recruiters can provide you and your organization with access to the most talented and influential professionals driving the future of cybersecurity across myriad sectors. Whether you are seeking a Chief Information Officer, CISO, Security Awareness Director, Disaster Recovery Manager, Risk Assessment Specialist, Business Continuity expert, or any other cybersecurity leader within your organization, top talent resides in our network.

Contact our healthcare cybersecurity recruiters today to begin your cybersecurity leadership search. You can reach our recruiting specialists by phone at 1-866-245-9653, by email at or through our online contact form.

Slone Partners Cybersecurity understands and meets the talent needs of high-performing organizations and health systems.
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