November 23, 2021

How to Measure the Value Cybersecurity Leadership Recruiters Bring to the Table

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Finding the best cybersecurity leadership talent for your business is much easier when you are working with experienced recruiters. The most respected cybersecurity leadership recruiters bring expansive networks and resources to the table that will result in a successful leadership search. We highlight here the best ways to gauge the true value of cybersecurity leadership recruiters.

An In-depth Understanding of the Industry

The best cybersecurity leadership recruiters have years of experience finding, recruiting, and securing talented cybersecurity specialists for top companies where they will excel in leadership roles. Cybersecurity leadership recruiters are different from generic recruiters in that they have a comprehensive understanding of the cybersecurity industry and the necessary qualifications and experience that cybersecurity leadership candidates must possess. Cybersecurity leadership recruiters understand the unique challenges presented by specific leadership roles and are willing to invest the time and effort necessary to find the leader with the right skill sets who will align well with the company and its culture.

Connecting With Passive Candidates

It is no secret that cybersecurity professionals are extremely coveted due to a severe talent shortage in the marketplace. That being the case, the most talented cyber warriors can command higher salaries and promotions in their current companies, reducing their incentive to look elsewhere. Cybersecurity leadership recruiters understand how to connect with these passive candidates even if they are not actively pursuing new opportunities.

Although many established cybersecurity professionals may not be actively seeking new positions, they may consider the merits of a potentially exciting new opportunity if they are approached. A LinkedIn study shows that 45 percent of passive candidates would be amenable to a career move. Successful cybersecurity leadership recruiters are keen in the art of finding and approaching passive candidates and establishing relationships with them over the long term. Such a challenge is a nuanced skill that requires time, effort, energy, and patience. Cybersecurity leadership recruiters with the proper networks and relationships in place excel at connecting with and motivating passive candidates to consider new career opportunities.

Expanding the Search Parameters

Part of the challenge for companies trying to fill top cyber leadership roles is finding cybersecurity leadership recruiters who can perform an expansive search that will result in a robust and diverse candidate pool. Simply searching through LinkedIn profiles will not suffice. When you connect with the best cybersecurity leadership recruiters like Slone Partners Cybersecurity, you can be guaranteed that candidates will be sourced from both inside and outside of traditional geographic boundaries and network silos, resulting in a rich candidate pool filled with cybersecurity specialists with myriad skills, experiences, and potential for success.

Lean on cybersecurity leadership recruiters who are willing and able to devise a recruiting strategy that will be both efficient and proficient, built around your needs and timelines, ultimately helping you secure the cybersecurity leadership talent your company needs to protect its valuable assets.

Searching Beyond Job Titles

Cybersecurity leadership recruiters who base their search on candidates’ experience alone with not be successful. There are many non-traditional paths that can lead to a cybersecurity career, and the most adept cybersecurity leadership recruiters are well aware of the transferable skills that are applicable to cybersecurity leadership roles. Thinking outside of the box is necessary to identify potential candidates in this environment. Previous job titles are only partially helpful in vetting candidates; it is most important for cybersecurity leadership recruiters to dig deep to ascertain the specific qualifications and skills that each individual will bring to the position in question. In that case, it is often more a judgement call as to how the individual will perform in the new job, rather than how well he or she performed in previous positions.

Networking and Relationships

Pressing the flesh, establishing relationships, and developing professional networks are just as important as the work ethic brought to bear by top cybersecurity leadership recruiters. A recruiter can certainly work hard to pinpoint a small pool of top-notch candidates for an open cybersecurity position. However, it is often faster and more efficient to tap an existing network of professionals who might be interested in the open position or be aware of a colleague or professional acquaintance who may be potentially seeking a new role.

The most successful cybersecurity leadership recruiters are pro-active, detail-oriented, and eager to expand their professional networks. The relationships that cybersecurity leadership recruiters form and maintain are a significant part of the value they bring to companies that are in the market for cybersecurity leaders. There is little reason to conduct such complex and time-consuming searches in-house when Slone Partners Cybersecurity has the people and resources in place to manage the entire process for you, from the initial data-gathering and strategic development through the hiring process and onboarding.

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