February 2, 2022

Secure Top Talent by Partnering with a High-Quality Cybersecurity Recruiting Firm

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With a sharp rise in cybercrime over the past two years, it has become more and more imperative for companies in all sectors to engage a high-quality cybersecurity recruiting firm to help secure the talented leaders needed to protect systems, data, and people. 

The total predicted damage from cybercrime was estimated to reach $6 trillion by the end of 2021, making it abundantly clear that companies must enhance their cyber defenses throughout their organizations. Cybersecurity recruiting firms like Slone Partners Cybersecurity have the established networks and resources in place to deliver experienced and knowledgeable leaders to build your cybersecurity strategy and teams.  

Cybersecurity Industry and Job Trends

The cybersecurity industry is exploding, and with good reason. The 2021(ISC)2 workforce study indicates that there are approximately 4.19million cybersecurity professionals globally, a staggering increase of more than 700,000 in 2020 alone. This explosive growth in the industry affords plenty of opportunities for those interested in pursuing careers in the field. Top cybersecurity recruiting firms like Slone Partners Cybersecurity closely monitor industry trends to maximize their capacity to secure talented cybersecurity leaders for companies across all sectors – from energy to healthcare to transportation.


Outsourcing cybersecurity leadership recruiting to a top cybersecurity recruiting firm can help companies address a serious challenge – identifying and securing the most talented leaders to guide their cybersecurity strategy and build out their cybersecurity teams in the most efficient and productive ways possible. There are many cybersecurity recruiting firms out there, so companies must do their due diligence to ensure that their needs align with the range and quality of services that the cybersecurity recruiting firm can provide.

Cybersecurity Skills for Remote Workers

According to CNBC and Upwork, at least one in four Americans worked from home at some point or another during 2021.  With that drastic increase in remote work comes an uptick in remote work cybersecurity risks. This underscores the importance of hiring cybersecurity leaders who understand these risks and work tirelessly to reduce them. When you engage with a top cybersecurity recruiting firm like Slone Partners Cybersecurity, you can be assured that the recruiting process will be efficient, productive, and focused with the objective of securing cyber leaders who can identify the holes in your cybersecurity map and develop a cyber strategy that can fill them, including vulnerabilities in the office workplace and remote work operations.  

As the workforce transitions and shifts remotely, your cyber teams will need to acquire new skills and additional resources. The adoption of secure wireless technologies, cloud-based solutions, NAC, and SD-WAN are making the cybersecurity landscape more and more challenging, underscoring the value of partnering with a top cybersecurity recruiting firm like Slone Partners Cybersecurity with the talent networks in place to build robust and diverse cybersecurity leadership candidate pools. 

Threat Intelligence 

In addition to having a range of remote, cloud-based, and wireless security skills, it is also essential for cybersecurity leaders to also understand the importance of threat intelligence, whether your company is collecting sensitive client data or providing an open online platform for purchases and sensitive exchanges.

Talented cybersecurity leaders are becoming more adroit at threat intelligence and diagnosing the risks posed by machine learning and a variety of aspects of AI. Top cybersecurity recruiting firms work closely with their client partners to identify and secure those individuals with the right experience and skill sets to protect their employees, systems, data, and customers from the ever-evolving scope of cyber threats on the digital landscape.  

Partnering With a High-Quality Cybersecurity Recruiting Firm

Partnering with a high-quality cybersecurity recruiting firm such as Slone Partners Cybersecurity provides immediate access to top-level talent for any cybersecurity leadership position.

By providing access to extensive networks of cybersecurity leadership candidates, our cybersecurity recruiting firm can help streamline the job search and attract the best candidates before they are contacted and recruited by other companies.


The best cybersecurity recruiting firm will demonstrate its commitment to securing top talent for your organization through thorough preparation and attentiveness. By partnering with a top cybersecurity recruiting firm like Slone Partners Cybersecurity, you and your team can focus on business operations while we focus on securing top talent.


A firm that focuses on recruiting cybersecurity professionals conducts adequate research on specific clients and potential talent. As one of North America’s leading cybersecurity recruiting firms, Slone Partners Cybersecurity devotes the time, energy, and resources necessary to ascertain as much information as possible about the operational needs of its client partners and the experience, skills, capacities, and motivations of potential cybersecurity leadership candidates. This research is key because it can weed out those candidates who will be a mismatch for the client, and, in turn, can also help identify those candidates who will be a solid match with the client’s mission, operations, teams, and culture.  

Relationships Matter

Partnering with a respected cybersecurity recruiting firm can make a world of difference.

We know how important developing and maintaining relationships are when it comes to recruiting top cybersecurity talent today. At Slone Partners Cybersecurity, we are not only committed to seeking out and recruiting talent but cultivating relationship sand partnerships that will continue long after the hiring process is complete.


Finding top cybersecurity talent is challenging enough in this highly competitive and saturated market. According to CNBC's Technology Executive Council of 2021, the demand for cyber skills is increasing "exponentially" and is showing no clear signs of slowing down anytime soon. At Slone Partners Cybersecurity, our professional recruiters understand the emotional toll required to negotiate at any level, including with C-suite cybersecurity leaders, and they do so skillfully and gracefully. 

Onboarding Process

Developing the proper onboarding process for new prospective hires is imperative. At Slone Partners Cybersecurity, our professional talent recruiters help to develop customized onboarding solutions for our clients to make the process efficient and productive. 

Determining when onboarding begins, how long it lasts, and what employees need to know about their position(s) is crucial for any entity, big or small. Because the onboarding process can last up to 12 months, it is essential to organize the on boarding process accordingly to align with your operational needs with the capacity of and expectations for the new leader.

Developing a suitable onboarding process is absolutely critical. Research shows that C-level executives and leaders fail anywhere from 50 to more than 70 percent of the time within the first 18 months of being hired without a proper onboarding process in place. Cybersecurity recruiting firms like Slone Partners Cybersecurity understand this dynamic and work closely with their client partners every step of the way.

Securing top talent for your organization does not have to feel stressful or overwhelming.

At Slone Partners Cybersecurity, we have the people, resources, and established networks to help identify and secure top cybersecurity talent for companies in all industries, from energy to healthcare to transportation. Contact us today to discover how our cybersecurity recruiting firm can help secure the talented cyber leaders your company deserves.  

Slone Partners Cybersecurity understands and meets the talent needs of high-performing organizations and health systems.
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