December 16, 2021

Secure Top Talent by Working with a Top Cybersecurity Executive Recruiter

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Small and medium-sized businesses face serious challenges in identifying gaps and vulnerabilities with respect to their data, people, and systems. Multiple challenges are related to protecting their networks and operational security and protecting against known and future cybersecurity threats. These threats may be significantly reduced when organizations partner with a respected cybersecurity executive recruiter to find and hire the most talented leaders to manage their cybersecurity teams and strategies. Slone Partners Cybersecurity is a premier cybersecurity executive recruiter that secures experienced cybersecurity leaders for small and medium-size organizations in all sectors from energy to healthcare to transportation.    

The May 12, 2021 "Executive Order on Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity" focuses on taking multiple steps to protect against existing threats to government agencies while also making the case that cybersecurity requires more than government action to protect against “malicious cyber actors.”  

Making bold changes and significant investments in systems and teams are important steps for preventing, detecting, and remediating cyber incidents. Every organization must adapt to the continuously changing threat environment and ensure that its products and systems are built and operated securely.  They can receive valuable help in achieving this by partnering with a cybersecurity executive recruiter. Slone Partners Cybersecurity is a value-driven cybersecurity executive recruiter that is committed to discovering the best leaders to meet the needs of dynamic and growing companies.  

Most companies and organizations are well aware that information is their main asset, yet they may feel that they do not need to enlist the services of a cybersecurity executive recruiter. This mistake could be very costly, with both immediate and longer-term impacts. While digital innovation creates a competitive advantage, it also provides opportunities for perpetrators of cybersecurity threats across all types of businesses.

The evolving landscape of privacy, the merging of privacy and security, insider threats, data leakage, and wasted money, time, and effort on solutions that do not work are some of the current and future challenges facing small and medium-size companies in all sectors. These are some reasons that businesses build a partnership with a leading cybersecurity executive recruiter. A recent survey found that only 28 percent of small businesses had a ready response in case of a cyberattack and 60 percent of small companies that experience a major data breach go out of business within six months, further underscoring the importance of partnering with an experienced cybersecurity executive recruiter that can secure the very best cyber talent in the market.  

Because of the tough competition for top talent, it can be challenging to recruit and hire extremely talented executives for important positions such as Business Information Security Officer (BISO), Chief Information Security Officer (CISO), VP of Threat Intelligence, and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). Hiring the right candidate requires extensive time and research to ensure that they not only have the required experience and skills but also are a good match for the organization’s cultural environment. A top cybersecurity executive recruiter like Slone Partners Cybersecurity makes it their business to find the cybersecurity leaders who will complement your executive team and keep your company secure.

A recent article published in Cyber Security Review indicates that businesses continue to be “bombarded with tons of cyberattacks,” including many that are several years old. Partnering with a knowledgeable cybersecurity executive recruiter provides access to first-rate cybersecurity talent who understand that older, well-known exploits are making a comeback and posing significant risks to companies of all sizes. The best candidates recognize that companies must be protected against these older threats along with newer, emerging threats. Slone Partners Cybersecurity is a cybersecurity executive recruiter that takes great care to build a rich, robust, and diverse candidate pool that will result in a successful leadership placement.

Organizations should reach out to a cybersecurity executive recruiter that provides exceptional service to each client and understands their need to build a strong, diverse team of talented cyber professionals. The most respected cybersecurity executive recruiters work closely with their clients to build relationships while recognizing the importance of discretion and confidentiality.  

Slone Partners Cybersecurity

is committed to being the undisputed leader of cybersecurity leadership recruitment for companies in all sectors. We provide you and your company with access to our extensive networks and sources that will drive the future of cybersecurity for your organization.    

Help secure your organization today by eliciting the services of Slone Partners Cybersecurity to become your cybersecurity executive recruiter partner. We help you secure exceptional talent and build and expand your leadership team to counter the ever expanding pool of cyber risks that all companies now face.

Slone Partners Cybersecurity understands and meets the talent needs of high-performing organizations and health systems.
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