November 18, 2022

Why you need to partner with a premier cybersecurity specialists search firm

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Even prior to the global pandemic in 2020, the talent shortage of cybersecurity professionals was severe. The problem is even worse today with an estimated 4.7 million cybersecurity positions unfilled. The consequences of that shortfall are substantial with companies more stretched than ever trying to defend against cyber attackers coming from myriad sources and directions.

At a time when the cyber threat landscape is growing in scope and intensity, experienced and respected cybersecurity recruiters like Slone Partners Cybersecurity are becoming an even more valuable commodity for organizations in all sectors as they try to build out their cybersecurity teams and strategies. Slone Partners Cybersecurity is expert at discovering the right talent for organizations in all sectors, by drawing upon their wide cast of networks, existing connections with both active and passive candidates, and referrals from past and future clients. While we manage the sourcing and early vetting, you and your team can focus on your business operations. Once the candidate pool is constructed, we work with your leadership team to identify the strongest candidate who will make your cybersecurity team stronger, more vibrant, and more prepared than ever.

1. More Connections

The current talent shortage in cybersecurity means that traditional networks are no longer adequate for finding and recruiting specialists in this field. Cybersecurity search firms must look beyond their usual orbits to build robust candidate pools, which typically involves carefully cultivating prospective hires over a long period of time. General recruiting and staffing firms lack the time this strategy requires, so companies and their HR teams should strongly consider partnering with recruiters that specialize in cybersecurity in order to cast the wide net needed to reach top talent. This capability allows highly respected recruiters like Slone Partners Cybersecurity to bring these candidates into the pipeline early before they’re recruited by other companies, reducing the cost and time of completing the hiring process. Slone Partners Cybersecurity’s existing relationships and networks give it a significant edge over its competition.

2. Shorter Recruiting Time

A survey by ISC² shows that the U.S. cybersecurity workforce grew by 30 percent in 2021. At the same time, 60 percent of survey respondents reported that staff shortages placed their organizations at direct risk of failing to meet their business goals. This possibility makes it difficult for companies to maintain appropriate risk management strategies against growing cybersecurity threats. Most businesses are already cognizant of the need to develop strategies like zero-trust approaches, according to SC Magazine. However, these measures require skilled cybersecurity specialists to implement.

The in-house process needed to recruit these professionals can be extremely time-consuming. Dark Reading reports that 60 percent of organizations take at least three months to fill these critical positions, while 32 percent require at least six months to fill them. The use of HR generalists is one of the driving factors behind these delays since they aren’t necessarily specialists in hiring cybersecurity leaders.

Cybersecurity specialists like Slone Partners Cybersecurity have the experience, knowledge, and resources needed to identify skilled cybersecurity specialists quickly. Our recruiters are familiar with candidates who will succeed in specific cybersecurity roles and help place them in cultures where they will thrive. Partnering with cybersecurity recruiting specialists like Slone Partners Cybersecurity thus allows organizations to develop search strategies that are right for them.

3. Higher Retention Rates

Retaining talented cybersecurity specialists remains a challenge for many organizations in the current economic climate, largely because these specialists are often poached by their competitors. Other companies will often offer better pay and additional benefits to lure in-demand professionals away from their current jobs. These attempts are less likely to succeed when organizations make the best hiring decisions in the first place. Slone Partners Cybersecurity’s cybersecurity recruiters thoroughly vet candidates to understand their professional aspirations and their motivations for considering other career opportunities, which is essential for determining if those individuals are a good match for their client. Company culture is a particularly important consideration for helping ensure a new employee’s loyalty to their new company.

A salary that fails to keep up with market conditions is one of the most common reasons for talented cybersecurity specialists to consider a career move. Underutilization of resources is another issue that can cause them to seek opportunities elsewhere. Additional factors include an undesirable work/life balance since cybersecurity roles routinely require long hours that often fall outside the normal business day. Also, many organizations often fail to properly develop and promote their lower-level cybersecurity specialists into more advanced positions, causing them to become flight risks. Recruiters like Slone Partners Cybersecurity understand these dynamics when they partner with their client partners to execute a cybersecurity search.


A large number of organizations are currently struggling to fill their open cybersecurity positions with the right people. As a result, they often turn to experienced recruiters like Slone Partners Cybersecurity that specialize in placing cybersecurity specialists for organizations in all business sectors. Successful strategies for this process include the development of robust, diverse candidate pools and prioritizing client partners’ needs along the way. Slone Partners Cybersecurity has the people, networks, and experience needed to help organizations secure top talent for their cybersecurity teams. We also deliver the highest standards of quality and professionalism with every search.

Contact us today to learn more about how our recruiters can help you secure the best cybersecurity specialists on the market.  We are a value-driven company committed to recruiting cybersecurity talent that will make your company more secure and more successful. We look forward to working with you!

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