Experienced Cybersecurity Leader Christine Vanderpool Appointed to Slone Partners Cybersecurity Advisory Board

Experienced Cybersecurity Leader Christine Vanderpool Appointed to Slone Partners Cybersecurity Advisory Board

SAN DIEGO CA. – Slone Partners Cybersecurity announced today that Christine Vanderpool, Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) at Florida Crystals, has been appointed to its Advisory Board.

Vanderpool’s appointment represents another significant step forward for Slone Partners Cybersecurity as the national cybersecurity recruitment firm expands its operations to meet the growing need for cybersecurity leadership talent. 

“Christine Vanderpool is an experienced and respected professional with a demonstrated track record in all forms of cybersecurity,”said Michael Mosunic, Chief Executive Officer of Slone Partners Cybersecurity. “She believes in our mission of securing the most-highly demanded talent for enterprises, startups, and venture capital to help defend against the ever-evolving and most dangerous digital threats facing their organizations.” 

“These are critically important times for companies across all sectors as they fight to stay ahead of the cybercriminals coming from all different directions. The most successful companies are those that work with top-notch firms like Slone Partners Cybersecurity in proactively recruiting the best talent for their leadership teams. Having an intelligent talent acquisition strategy is absolutely essential in this climate,” said Vanderpool, upon her appointment to the Slone Partners Cybersecurity Advisory Board

For the past two decades, Christine Vanderpool has been an active thought leader in information security, leading early cybersecurity efforts in manufacturing, healthcare, and food processing. She has worked for several highly successful companies including IBM, Molson Coors Brewing Company, Kaiser Permanente, and Florida Crystals. A passionate advocate on behalf of gender equality in cybersecurity, Vanderpool was named the 2019 Woman Cybersecurity Leader of the Year in an award program sponsored by Inteligenca, a California-based technology consulting company specializing in cyber risk managed programs,enterprise agile transformation, and change management, including audit & compliance.  

To learn more about hiring exceptional talent in the Cybersecurity industry, please contact Michael Mosunic at mike@slonepartnerscybersecurity.com

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