Recent Coverage Focuses on Challenges Facing Organizations Competing for Cybersecurity Talent in a Competitive Market

Jan 6, 2022

The challenges surrounding cybersecurity leadership recruiting in 2023 are multi-faceted. As reflected in a recent ISACA survey, there is a severe cybersecurity talent gap in the United States, with companies and organizations often struggling to identify and secure the cybersecurity specialists they require to successfully defend against cyberterrorists and other digital threats that have emerged in recent years. More than 60-percent of survey respondents report that their cybersecurity teams are understaffed.
Addressing this problem will require an all-hands-on-deck approach. Schools need to engage more children in STEM studies at an earlier age. Companies and organizations will need to be more proactive in developing and mentoring young cybersecurity talent, and, working together with cybersecurity recruiting firms, they must deploy strategies to build larger and more diverse candidate pools from which to choose.
As one of the nation’s premier cybersecurity recruitment agencies, we are specialists in securing the most experienced and talented cybersecurity specialists to help keep your organization and its assets safe.  We deliver critical team members, including analysts, engineers, program managers, and testers, and many others to organizations across myriad industries including energy, financial services, oil-and-gas, philanthropy, security detection and response, and transportation.

News coverage of the current cybersecurity landscape provides additional insights and perspectives to guide your company’s cybersecurity strategy. A compilation of recent news articles is listed below.

Security Magazine
“Surveillance won’t curb insider threats — but workplace culture can”
December 7, 2022

“Five million dollars. That’s how much an insider risk event could have cost one company when proprietary source code was exfiltrated by a software engineer who recently resigned. In this case, the file movement was detected and never left the company, but without the proper security measures, this scenario could have been much worse.”

“Cybersecurity predictions for 2023”
December 1, 2022

“Experts anticipate that 2023 will bring more evolved ransomware, a push toward stronger cybersecurity within organizations, and many other trends, some extrapolated, others novel.”

“Weak (or Nonexistent) Cybersecurity Is Taking a Massive Toll on Small Businesses. Here's How to Protect Yours.”
November 24, 2022

“If you were to ask five random strangers from different walks of life what the major threats to the future of small businesses are, you're likely to get similar answers. The potential responses would likely include rising inflation and possible recession, job market volatility, the speed of technological advancement, supply chain issues and more.

“The real question is, what insidious threat is far too often shunted to the back burner, passed on to the next operating budget? What issue is left to address when revenue is on the right trajectory, inventory is viable, growth is stable and scaling up is starting to take shape?”

Security Magazine
“8 steps to achieving cybersecurity compliance”
November 16, 2022

“Relentless cyberattacks and data breaches created an urgent need for governments to step in and regulate cybersecurity activities. Today, almost every major country is coming up with cybersecurity legislation that defines how cybersecurity must be deployed and how consumer privacy must be protected.

“Even though compliance may not equal security, it certainly improves accountability and transparency; it can also streamline cybersecurity practices.”

“State of Email Security 2022: Every Company's Riskiest Channel”
November 2022

“The report that captures the true state of email security in 2022, brought to you by Tessian. Read on to discover the latest trends and key findings related to advanced threats and data loss on email in the modern day enterprise.”

SC Magazine
“By breaking down barriers, we can address the cybersecurity workforce gap”
November 3, 2022

“Prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is an effort that every business should be making — but it is especially important in cybersecurity.

“This year has seen profound disruption and challenges for cybersecurity professionals and their organizations. Considerable geopolitical strife has resulted in nation-state cyber-attacks spilling into the private sector, intensifying expectations for cybersecurity professionals to keep users, data, systems, and physical assets safe and secure. At the same time, teams continue to struggle with ongoing operational cybersecurity challenges from a remote and distributed workforce, supply chain issues, a rise in repeat inbound attacks such as phishing and ransomware, as well as dealing with a shortage of qualified people to get the job done.”

“Four Cybersecurity Trends Every CISO Needs To Address”
October 28, 2022

“The role of CISO (chief information security officer) continues to evolve as the threat landscape does. Critical to any CISO’s success is their ability to be influential leaders rather than having the highest levels of technical prowess. In looking at the emerging cybersecurity trends, the impetus of building a high-performing team outweighs if they have intimate knowledge of the latest ransomware.

“The new cybersecurity challenges come from some familiar places. How your CISO responds to them, however, should follow a novel approach.”

“What Does It Mean To ‘Invest In Cybersecurity’ In 2022 And Beyond?”
October 19, 2022

“After years of unfathomable cybersecurity incidents, including expensive data breaches, disruptive ransomware attacks and costly phishing scams, executives and board members are no longer willing to sit by and hope for the best.

“For many companies, the potential costs and far-reaching consequences of cybersecurity failure have become too much to bear, and they are ready to take meaningful action to respond.”

Boston Business Journal
“Why many businesses have a false sense of confidence on cybersecurity”
October 17, 2022

“A majority of small-business owners and business leaders believe a cyberattack on their own company is inevitable — but many haven't taken steps to prevent an attack.

“That's according to the Travelers Insurance 2022 Travelers Risk Index, which found 59% of business leaders worry a great deal about cyber threats. That echoes other surveys that have found cybersecurity is one of the top concerns for business owners, even at a time of elevated inflation, recession fears and hiring challenges.”

VC Funding Update
October 17, 2022

#VCs & #PrivateEquity groups are investing in innovative #CyberSecurity #StartUps & #GrowthStage companies showing great promise in the market.

Immersive Labs raised $66 million with funding from Ten Eleven Ventures.

Stairwell raised $45 million at Series B with funding from Section 32, Sequoia Capital and Accel.

DataGrail raised $45 million at Series C with funding from Third Point Ventures.

Field Effect raised $30 million with funding from Edison Partners.

Endor Labs has raised $25 million seed round with funding from Lightspeed Venture Partners, Dell Technologies Capital, and Sierra Ventures.

IronVest has raised $23 million seed round with funding from Accomplice VC.

SecuriThings has raised $21M Series B with funding from USVP.

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Security Magazine
“Fostering diversity in cybersecurity”
October 14, 2022

“Prioritizing diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace is an effort that every business should be making — but it is especially important in cybersecurity.

“Cybersecurity is a constantly evolving business. New threats emerge with regularity. Much like the variants of the COVID-19 virus, today’s phishing and ransomware attacks reach new levels of sophistication every month. A business that strives to provide effective cybersecurity needs to be agile, adaptive and open to a diverse range of critical thinking. A cybersecurity provider is more likely to achieve these qualities from a diverse workforce.”

VC Funding Update
October 11, 2022

#VCs & #PrivateEquity groups are investing in innovative #CyberSecurity #StartUps & #GrowthStage companies showing great promise in the market.

Congratulations to all the organizations that received funding last week!

Elpha Secure with funding from Canapi Ventures

Oort with funding from .406 Ventures and Energy Impact Partners

Securiti with funding from Owl Rock Capital Group

Tidal Cyber with funding from Ultratech Capital Partners

#PE #venturecapital #humanresources #CEO
VC Funding Update
October 3, 2022

#VCs & #PrivateEquity groups are investing in innovative #CyberSecurity #StartUps & #GrowthStage companies showing great promise in the market.

Congratulations to all the organizations that received funding last week!

Lunio with funding from Smedvig Capital

6clicks with funding from Centerstone Capital

Signzy with funding from Gaja Capital

Xpoint with funding from Acies Investments, Bettor Capital, Courtside Ventures, SuRo Capital Corp BDC, and The Raine Group

OX Security received $34 million in seed funding to strengthen software supply chains

#PE #venturecapital #humanresources #CEO
Security Magazine
“Overcoming the cybersecurity talent shortage starts with hiring”
September 20, 2022

“One of the earliest mentions of the cybersecurity talent shortage was in January 2011, when ESG analyst Jon Oltsik asked, “Will there be a shortage of cybersecurity professionals in 2011?” 11 years later, leaders in the industry are still talking about the very same topic. Organizations have had a decade to address and overcome this growing problem, yet the talent shortage is far worse today than ever. In fact, data from CyberSeek shows that there are nearly 715,000 cybersecurity job openings in the U.S. right now.

“Where is the cybersecurity industry going wrong? This is a loaded question, as there are a number of things that the industry needs to fix to overcome the cybersecurity talent shortage. Let’s focus on the broken employment process—because this is where all the problems start.”

VC Funding Update
September 19, 2022

Congratulations to all the organizations that received funding last week!

SessionGuardian with funding from Phase 2 Investments

Open Raven with funding from Pelion Venture Partners

SaaS Alerts with funding from Insight Partners

Fortanix with funding from Goldman Sachs Growth Equity

Dig Security with funding from SignalFire

CYREBRO with funding from Koch Disruptive Technologies (KDT)

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